Bimbi jewels are Family Day perfect Gift: wonder know why?

Family’s Day is a celebration of the indissoluble relationship of Family, and Bimbi jewels has always enhanced the absolute value of family and love. Love is so beautiful in all its shades, strong and deep relationships are our lifeblood, they color our life.
That is why make a present for Family’s Day is more than a gift, is like saying “I love you”, “I heart you”, “thank you for being always by my side”.

Bimbi sparkling and refined jewels will fascinate and delight all ages, the freshness and effervescence of our pieces make a Bimbi Jewel a unique gift, the perfect metaphor of indissoluble family love, the perfect jewel that will be worn and treasured forever.

Family’s Day is a wonderful occasion to spend time together and enjoy with love our most precious jewels: the people we love, kids, family and friends.

Personalize your jewel

A service personalized to the wishes and need of each client.

Engrave your jewel to make it Unique! Write a message, romantic, cute or spiritual: to make your gift extra special.

Relive memories from important moments or days by engraving your jewelry. A jewel to remember, a present with a never-ending story to tell: the of your life.

Personalize your bimbi jewel by engraving

Handmade Jewels

The design and the selection of the gemstones of our jewels have an iconic and powerful meaning. We celebrate Family with an exclusive touch, and you can find the best expressions of the great Italian goldsmith in the details of every piece of our Collections.

The graceful design and the brightness of the colors of Bimbi Jewels collections, reflect joy and pureness as a source of life.

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