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Bimbi Jewels family love

About Barbara Spada

Bimbi was founded in early 2013, by an Italian jewellery and branding passionate expert.

“In the early 2013 I was going through the most precious time a woman can have, the journey of carrying a baby.

I embrace and celebrate the value of family .This inspired  me by creating a jewellery brand....Bimbi.

Jewelry made in Italy

Being from Vicenza capital City of fine craftsmanship of jewellery

it was almost natural finding the inspiration to create Bimbi.

This took much more shape when I have reconnected to Ash, my dear friend and jewellery expert.

Vicenza city - Bimbi Jewels
Bimbi Jewels - gold and silver manufacture

Bimbi Jewels, Italian manufacture

Bimbi is inspired by the natural vibrant colours and unique iridescent effect in the inner shell layers of mother of pearl.

This emotional meaningful creation is crafted in 18 kt gold.

Mother of pearl, selfless love

The collection is set with fine quality diamonds and hand cut natural mother of Pearl which symbolizes selfless love to your children and family.

Son and daughter jewels
Bimbi Jewels - Mother of Pearl

"I love the idea of celebrating  family, and have our pieces be the witness of this value."
"This is our soul, this is Bimbi Jewels world"

Barbara Spada Signature