Father’s day unique gift

Papà collection is a man jewelry collection specially dedicated to Dad. Bimbi stylish jewellery pieces have a unique masculine elegance that complement his style.

Find the perfect Father’s Day gift, discover Bimbi jewels for man: exclusive gold bracelets and chains finished in black rhodium.

By engraving your jewel you’ll make it a gift even more special and unique to him.

Make the perfect Father’s Day gift, almost every piece is available to be personalized for that extra personal finish: your dad will love it

Make Father’s Day an occasion to truly show your love with a gift he will remember. Discover Bimbi jewels for man, unique creations handmade with love, as special as your father is.

Personalize your jewel

A service personalized to the wishes and need of each client.

Engrave your jewel to make it Unique! Write a message, romantic, cute or spiritual: to make your gift extra special.

Relive memories from important moments or days by engraving your jewelry. A jewel to remember, a present with a never-ending story to tell: the of your life.

Personalize your bimbi jewel by engraving

Handmade Jewels

The design and the selection of the gemstones of our jewels have an iconic and powerful meaning. We celebrate Family with an exclusive touch, and you can find the best expressions of the great Italian goldsmith in the details of every piece of our Collections.

The graceful design and the brightness of the colors of Bimbi Jewels collections, reflect joy and pureness as a source of life.

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